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Biomarkers: A Book That Changed My Life

Biomarkers by William Evans, Ph.D. and Irwin Rosenberg, MD is one of the most important

books I have ever read. The authors present 10 of the most reliable biological markers of aging and show that all ten of these markers are directly regulated by muscle mass. Weight training or strength/resistance training is the key. The authors claim that people do not need to become frail and weak as they age. They have shown that people of any age can engage in strength training programs and significantly REVERSE the biological markers of aging.

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#1 Factor For Healthy Aging

Ruth Myers (shown in photo) is 91 years old and still doing strength training. Gerontologists study aging people and the aging process. Several years ago Italian scientist Dr. Ravaglia and his colleagues designed a unique study to determine the most important factor for healthy aging. A group of 75 HEALTHY elderly people ranging from 90 to 106 years old were selected for this study.

The researchers evaluated an enormous amount of data including anthropometric data (height, weight, skin-folk thickness, body circumference at the waist, hip & chest), a wide range of blood values, as well as aspects related to diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

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