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Theanine: Amazing Herbal Anti-Anxiety Agent & Sleep Aid

L-theanine is herbal compound that occurs naturally in tea leaves. It has been shown to be an amazingly effective, fast acting anti-anxiety agent. Research on human volunteers has reveals that L-theanine works in several different ways to produce a sense of relaxation within approximately 20 to 40 minutes after ingestion. Theanine’s anti-anxiety effects also help many people with insomnia get to sleep faster. Read more

CoQ10: My #1 Life Extension Nutrient/Doubles Lifespan In Mice (Order here: 20% discount)

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is one of the body's most important antioxidants and it is also required for energy production in all cells. In this post, I will review a study that reveals coenzyme Q10's remarkable ability to slow down the aging process. Coenzyme Q10 is truly a remarkable life extension nutritional supplement. I will also explain why most CoQ10 products have very low rates of absorption. My readers can order highly absorable Bio-Quinone Q10 Gold at 20% discount.

CoQ10 Dramatically Extends Life Span: Studies evaluating things that influence lifespan are difficult to conduct in humans because they take too long. Instead, researchers use small animal models which compresses the story into a much shorter time scale. I want to discuss an experiment done with mice that reveals the power of coenzyme Q10. This experiment was conducted by Emile Bliznakov, MD who subsequently wrote a book titled The Miracle Nutrient: Coenzyme Q10.

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BEMER: New Longevity-Enhancing Therapy; New Source of Revenue for Healthcare Professionals

In this post, which is primarily directed to healthcare professionals, I am presenting a remarkable new therapy called Bemer. Bemer is a remarkable life extension/anti-aging therapy. Physicians, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals who are using a

Bemer in their practice find that it creates a new source of revenue. In addition to customers paying for Bemer sessions, many people end up purchasing a Bemer for home use. Having a Bemer also brings new patients into their practices.

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#1 Factor For Healthy Aging

Ruth Myers (shown in photo) is 91 years old and still doing strength training. Gerontologists study aging people and the aging process. Several years ago Italian scientist Dr. Ravaglia and his colleagues designed a unique study to determine the most important factor for healthy aging. A group of 75 HEALTHY elderly people ranging from 90 to 106 years old were selected for this study.

The researchers evaluated an enormous amount of data including anthropometric data (height, weight, skin-folk thickness, body circumference at the waist, hip & chest), a wide range of blood values, as well as aspects related to diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

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Announcing Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's New Green Medicine Newsletter

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright is a pioneer in natural medicine. He is the Medical Director of Tahoma Clinic in Tukwila, Washington and he has been a mentor of mine for over 20 years. It seems that every time I hear him speak or read one of his newsletters, I learn something new. I just learned that Dr. Wright has launched a new monthly newsletter titled Green Medicine. Read more

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