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Intense Exercise Profoundly Inhibits Prostate Cancer Cell Growth & Formation of Tumors

Today I’m reporting on two studies that show how intense exercise suppresses cancer.

In the first trial, I'm summarizing the results from a fabulous study conducted by scientists in Sweden which makes a powerful statement about how the benefits from intense exercise can reduce cancer risk.

The images on the left above show cancer and tumor growth in non-exercising subjects compared to dramatic reduction in tumor incidence and growth in subjects that engaged in intense exercise.

THE STUDY: Ten men were recruited for this study. The volunteers were instructed to perform 60 minutes of exercise on stationary bicycles at increasing levels of intensity. For the first 20 minutes, the men cycled at 60 rpm, which wast a median (range) work rate equal to approximately 50% of VO2-max. For the remaining 40 minutes, the exercise increased to a high-intensity rate that was equal to about 65% of VO2-max. The full title of this study is: The Effect of Acute Exercise on Prostate Cancer Cell Growth.

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One Minute of Intense Exercise-Benefits Equal 45 Minutes Of Moderate Exercise

These days virtually everyone is stressed for time and many people struggle to find time to work regular exercise into their busy lives. If you typically use lack-of-time as your excuse for not exercising, the study I’m reporting on today annihilates your excuse(s).

STUDY'S OUTCOME: Benefits From 1-Minute of Intense Exercise Equals 45-Minutes Of Moderate Exercise.

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