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#1 Detox Method: A Relax® Far Infrared Sauna Heats Up In 30 Seconds....!!!

Yes, that’s not a typo. My new Relax® Far Infrared Sauna heats up in 30 seconds! Ten years ago, my wife and I purchased a really beautiful $5,000 infrared sauna. We initially loved it but now, we seldom use it because it takes 60 minutes to warm up.

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna is more effect and yet costs 1/5th the price. A Relax sauna warms up almost instantly and it is the most effective, technologically advanced FIR (far infrared) sauna in the world. The Relax sauna contains new technology that emits 95% -98% far infrared energy, which is far greater than all other far infrared saunas on the market. It is the far infrared energies that penetrate deeply into the body to release toxins. Read more

Probiotics For Healthy People: Help or Hype?

In a recent study titled A review of probiotic supplementation in healthy adults: helpful or hype? the authors reviewed 45 clinical trials on the use of probiotics in healthy adults published between 1990 and 2017. The results revealed that taking probiotics regularly can help healthy people become even healthier. Read more

Coenzyme Q10: Superstar Natural Blood Pressure Lowering Therapy

Coenzyme Q10 is a nutritional supplement is a very effective natural therapy to lower elevated blood pressure. In this blog post, I am going to summarize a study that demonstrates just how amazingly effective coenzyme Q10 is for people with hypertension.

Dr. Peter Langsjoen is a cardiologist that I met about a decade ago and I have followed his work very closely ever since. Since Dr. Langsjoen is a cardiologist, he has a lot of patients with high blood pressure. A number of years ago, he selected 109 of his patients with hypertension and added coenzyme Q10 to their existing medications. The average dose used was 225 mg/day. In most of these patients, the average time from the initial of diagnosis of high blood pressure was 9.2 years. Many patients were taking 2 or 3 blood pressure-lowering medications to keep their blood pressure within acceptable ranges.

How effective was coenzyme Q10? Within the first 6 months, 51% of the patients were able to discontinue from 1 to 3 blood pressure medications, with an average time of 4.4 months.

As a pharmacist, I have to be cautious about recommending CoQ10 to patients who are taking blood pressure medications. I emphasize that they must communicate with their physician because coenzyme Q10 is so effective, they will need to reduce the dose of their medications and/or discontinue them at some point. It is illegal for me to advise people about changing the dose of their medications. That must be done by a physician. However, I feel my passion is to educate people about natural therapies so I share this study and encourage them to discuss it with their doctor.

The title of the study I have discussed is Treatment of Essential Hypertension with Coenzyme Q10.

DMSO: Called the "Miracle Solution" Relieves Pain, Infammation; Rapidly Accelerates Healing

Every household should have DMSO on hand. DMSO, which is available as a liquid or in a rub-on gel, is a miracle treatment for all kinds injuries. Trainers of most athletic teams are aware of DMSO's ability to rapidly heal sports injuries and I've been using it personally for over 30 years. I introduced DMSO to the owner/coach of my CrossFit gym a couple of years ago and he immediately began using it on athletes with minor aches and pains. My blog gives me the opportunity to publicize the many benefits of DMSO to a much wider audience. So, here is the DMSO story. Read more

Got pain....? SOUL Is A Safe Effective Natural Anti-Inflammatory Product

In October 2014 I spoke at the ACAM medical/health conference in Las

Vegas. In the exhibit hall, I spoke with Brad Weeks, MD at a booth who

was promoting a natural anti-inflammatory, pain relieving product called

SOUL. Dr. Weeks gave me a sample of SOUL and told me about the

product's benefits. I told Dr. Weeks that I am a "science-based guy" and

that I wanted to see scientific studies that would document the

product's claimed benefits. Well, it turns out a large number of

scientific studies that have been published which document and explain

the benefits of SOUL. After reading and evaluating over 80 studies on

SOUL and its ingredients, I'm convinced that it is a very effective

natural product for the relief of pain and inflammation. In this post, I

want to explain why the traditional anti-inflammatory and pain

medications are so terribly harmful and then review SOUL's benefits and

explain how and why it works.

Read more

Biomarkers: A Book That Changed My Life

Biomarkers by William Evans, Ph.D. and Irwin Rosenberg, MD is one of the most important

books I have ever read. The authors present 10 of the most reliable biological markers of aging and show that all ten of these markers are directly regulated by muscle mass. Weight training or strength/resistance training is the key. The authors claim that people do not need to become frail and weak as they age. They have shown that people of any age can engage in strength training programs and significantly REVERSE the biological markers of aging.

Read more

The DR. OHHIRA’S DIFFERENCE: Probiotics, Prebiotics & Postbiotic Metabolites

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics® are unique and different than all other commercial probiotic products. The purpose of this article is explain why Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics are so successful at achieving Rapid Microbiome Repair in people with gastrointestinal distress issues. Learn why Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics Professional Formula is so effective at rapidly improving symptoms of intestinal distress and helping people to create and/or maintain a healthy microbiome.

Read more

Theanine: Amazing Herbal Anti-Anxiety Agent & Sleep Aid

L-theanine is herbal compound that occurs naturally in tea leaves. It has been shown to be an amazingly effective, fast acting anti-anxiety agent. Research on human volunteers has reveals that L-theanine works in several different ways to produce a sense of relaxation within approximately 20 to 40 minutes after ingestion. Theanine’s anti-anxiety effects also help many people with insomnia get to sleep faster. Read more

CoQ10: My #1 Life Extension Nutrient/Doubles Lifespan In Mice (Order here: 20% discount)

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is one of the body's most important antioxidants and it is also required for energy production in all cells. In this post, I will review a study that reveals coenzyme Q10's remarkable ability to slow down the aging process. Coenzyme Q10 is truly a remarkable life extension nutritional supplement. I will also explain why most CoQ10 products have very low rates of absorption. My readers can order highly absorable Bio-Quinone Q10 Gold at 20% discount.

CoQ10 Dramatically Extends Life Span: Studies evaluating things that influence lifespan are difficult to conduct in humans because they take too long. Instead, researchers use small animal models which compresses the story into a much shorter time scale. I want to discuss an experiment done with mice that reveals the power of coenzyme Q10. This experiment was conducted by Emile Bliznakov, MD who subsequently wrote a book titled The Miracle Nutrient: Coenzyme Q10.

Read more

BEMER: New Longevity-Enhancing Therapy; New Source of Revenue for Healthcare Professionals

In this post, which is primarily directed to healthcare professionals, I am presenting a remarkable new therapy called Bemer. Bemer is a remarkable life extension/anti-aging therapy. Physicians, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals who are using a

Bemer in their practice find that it creates a new source of revenue. In addition to customers paying for Bemer sessions, many people end up purchasing a Bemer for home use. Having a Bemer also brings new patients into their practices.

Read more

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