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MEN Over 50: Testosterone replacement therapy; Your Health and Your Quality of Life Depends on it!

Over the past several decades, as I have gotten deeper into the science and technology of life extension and anti-aging therapies, I’ve increasingly stressed the importance of maintaining “youthful” hormone levels. I believe testosterone replacement therapy is vitally important for most men over 50 years of age.

Multiple scientific studies have reported that low testosterone levels are associated with increased mortality. One study tracked 800 men between 50-91 years old. Testosterone levels were measured at the beginning of the study and their health was tracked over for 20 years. Men with low testosterone levels had a much greater incidence of erectile dysfunction, lower sex drive, fatigue, loss of strength, lower muscle mass, decreased bone density, difficulty concentrating, cognitive decline and depression compared to men with higher testosterone levels.

Men with low testosterone in this study also tended to be overweight and had much greater risks for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. More importantly, men with the lowest testosterone levels (below 241 ng/dl) were 40% more likely to die than men with higher testosterone levels.

Prostate Cancer: De-Bunking the Testosterone Myth. Many doctors believe that testosterone stimulates prostate cancer. This is an unfortunate myth. Numerous studies have documented that testosterone supplementation provides a wide range of health benefits for both men and women. A recent study from the Johns Hopkins Cancer Center actually reported successfully using high dose testosterone therapy TO TREAT PROSTATE CANCER…!!! In this study, testosterone suppressed cancer progression in the majority of men with advanced prostate cancer, reversed it in others and tumors shrank in some men. Also, PSA levels declined in fourteen of these men. This ground-breaking study helps to dispel the myth that testosterone causes prostate cancer and that testosterone supplementation is contraindicated in men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Men, testosterone replacement therapy will increase the length of your life AND increase the quality of your life. Along with telomeres and glutathione, I believe that testosterone is an important and reliable biomarker of aging. Many doctors and laboratories define low testosterone as free testosterone below 15 pg/mL. I strongly urge aging men to maintain a free testosterone level in the range of 20-25 pg/mL, which is closer to that of a 21-year old man.

Testosterone supplementation requires a prescription from your doctor. Testosterone is available in several dosage forms: IM injection, patches, topical cream and orally dissolving lozenges. Get a blood test to learn what your total and free testosterone levels are. Then, TELL your physician you want to begin testosterone replacement therapy. My personal preference is to give myself a weekly IM injection of ½ ml into my butt. It is an easy injection to self-administer, or you can have your wife/mate give you the injection.

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