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Do you know a woman who has had radiation therapy? A Must Read!

My name is Ross Pelton and many of you know me as The Natural Pharmacist. I am a long-time advocate of women’s health issues. Two of my books are How To Prevent Breast Cancer (Simon & Schuster, 1995) and The Pill Problem (2016), which teaches women how to avoid the side effects from oral contraceptives.

This post contains VERY important information for people who have had radiation therapy for cancer and especially for women who have had radiation therapy for breast cancer. In 2016, over 3 million cancer survivors were treated with radiation and that number is expected to increase to over 4 million radiation-treated cancer patients per year by 2030. Women with breast cancer are the largest group, accounting for 40% of all cancer patients that receive radiation therapy. Please pass this message on to anyone you know that has received radiation therapy and especially to women who are breast cancer survivors. Please help support women's health and help make this educational message “go viral.”

It is an established fact that radiation treatments for cancer damage neighboring tissues. The primary “collateral” damage that is inflicted on the surrounding tissues is done to thousands of very small (micro-capillary) blood vessels in the adjacent area.

This video shows the increased micro-capillary blood flow following one 8-minute Bemer session. Click the link, scroll down to the green side-by-side images and click on the arrow to start.

When micro-capillaries are damaged, their ability to pulsate (termed vasomotion), is inhibited or significantly reduced. A reduced rate of vasomotion means there will be less blood supply and less delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells. Over time from days to weeks to months, cells that don’t receive adequate oxygen and nutrients begin to malfunction. A progressive process called inflammatory deterioration begins, which frequently ends with cell death.

Most people don’t realize that the damage doesn’t stop, it keeps progressing. As cells die, surrounding tissues receive less nourishment and begin their cycle of decline. The underlying problem is decreased micro-capillary circulation, which results in malnourished cells.

Methods to improve micro-capillary circulation:
1) Exercise increases vasomotion, which increases blood flow and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells. This is one of the main reasons why regular exercise is one of the most critical components of a healthy lifestyle.
2) Bemer sessions are a promising modality that significantly increase micro-capillary circulation. This effect results from the delivery of BEMER’s patented signal, which causes an increase in the rate of vasomotion.

Regular twice daily Bemer Pro sessions provide patients who have undergone radiation therapy with improved micro-capillary circulation, which will improve cellular mitochondrial energy production and aid in tissue healing. Tissue damage from loss of micro-capillary blood flow could be significantly reduced by whole body BEMER sessions, along with direct delivery of the BEMER signal to a specific body area with one of BEMER’s accessory application devices.

BEMER is a yoga-like mat with embedded coils that deliver Bemer’s patented signal to various depths into the body. This causes increased vasomotion and improved blood flow dynamics. The protocol is two 8-minute sessions daily, approximately 12 hours apart. The following link is a Bemer Brochure that explains the benefits and underlying technology of Bemer.

The science on Bemer’s benefits and technology is strong. I would be happy to send you Bemer studies and educational materials. I will accelerate your Bemer learning curve. Please pass this report on to anyone you know who has undergone radiation therapy. For information about how to purchase or rent a Bemer Pro or for help finding a clinician in your area who has a Bemer, please email me at: or call me: (541) 601-1492.


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