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BEMER: New Longevity-Enhancing Therapy; New Source of Revenue for Healthcare Professionals

In this post, which is primarily directed to healthcare professionals, I am presenting a remarkable new therapy called Bemer that is a non-invasive natural life-enhancing system that delivers a wide range of health benefits. Physicians, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals who are using a Bemer in their practice find that it creates a new source of revenue. In addition to customers paying for Bemer sessions, many people end up purchasing a Bemer for home use. Having a Bemer also brings new patients into their practices.

In addition to being The Natural Pharmacist, I'm also the author of the Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook. I’ve been teaching chiropractors, pharmacists, physicians how to utilize and integrate natural therapies into their practices for decades and one of my professional goals is to help healthcare professionals be more financially successful. Integrating a Bemer into your practice can certainly help.

In December 2017, while attending the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) in Las Vegas, I got introduced to a new technology called pulsed electro-magnetic frequency (PEMF). The therapeutic device that uses this technology named Bemer, which stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. Bemer is the most important health and longevity-enhancing therapy & technology I have ever encountered.

The therapy consists of a pad you lie on or sit on and a control unit that generates the signals. The PEMF frequencies deliver Bemer's patented signal, which cause blood vessels to contract, especially micro-capillaries. This resulting increase in blood flow dramatically increases delivery of oxygen & nutrients to cells and also greatly improves cellular detoxification. The suggested protocol is two 8-minute sessions daily.

Bemer is FDA-Registered and it is currently being used in over 4,000 hospitals, clinics and various other settings throughout Europe. In the U.S., NASA has signed an agreement with Bemer International to utilize Bemer's patented signal technology to develop a prototype space suit for astronauts which improves micro-circulation and decreases bone loss and muscle atrophy during space flights.

Here are some interesting facts that help explain Bemer’s benefits. The human circulatory system consists of 11.5% arteries, 14.%% veins, and 74% small vessels (capillaries & micro-capillaries). It is the micro-capillaries that deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells and transport metabolic waste for excretion out of the body. Scientists estimate that humans have over 70,000 miles of micro-vessels throughout the body. Bemer therapy causes slight vascular contractions, which dramatically increases blood flow throughout the entire circulatory system. The video link below provides a fascinating look at the blood flow in micro-capillaries before & after one 8-minute treatment.

Also, here is a short 5-minute video that explains the Bemer technology and how it works:

A great deal of research has been published on PEMF and Bemer. Simply do a PubMed search for either PEMF or Bemer. Here is a summary of the benefits of increased micro-capillary blood flow:

• Increased blood flow and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all cells

• Improved mitochondria function with increased production of cellular energy

• Improved cardiovascular functions

• Improved removal of cellular waste

• Improved athletic performance and physical fitness

• Better sleep

• Greater endurance and energy

• Better concentration and improved mental acuity

• Enhances stress reduction and relaxation

• More oxygen delivery to the brain often helps improve memory and cognitive performance

I will teach you how to market Bemer therapy in your practice. For example, display a sign in your office that says, "Are You Ready To Join The Life Extension Revolution? Register for 2 FREE Bemer Sessions." I have also written a handout that educates your patients about Bemer PEMF therapy and the benefits it provides. I suggest offering all of your patients an initial 2 free treatments. Bemer treatment sessions are only 8 minutes long. On average, chiropractors are charging $25 to $30 per treatment. My suggestion for pricing is as follows:

* Individual treatments: $25 each

* Group of 10 treatments: $200 ($20/each)

* Group of 20 treatments: $300 ($15/each)

DO THE MATH: The above pricing is only a suggestion. If just 10 people per day have sessions at an average price of $20/session, you are making $200/day ($1,000/week and $4,000/month).

The Bemer Pro costs $5,990. Individuals with a good credit rating can get a zero-interest credit card from Citibank and pay $350/month for 18 months. So, you pay $350/month and bring in $4,000/month. Here is another look at the income potential. Many people end up purchasing their own Bemer so that they and their spouse & family can use it on a regular basis. Commission on sales range from 17% on first four sales to 25% ($1,500) on sales above four.

In addition to primary unit which is a pad you lie on for treatment, there are several smaller treatment devices that can be used to apply localized spots like knee, neck, etc. After using Bemer several times, many people decide to purchase a Bemer for their own personal use. As mentioned above, on individual sales, you make an additional $1,500 commission.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me. I will attempt to find a clinician, clinic or individual in your area that has a Bemer so that you can experience a few treatments personally. I will also provide you with scientific studies and additional training videos and educational materials.

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