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Cancer Breakthrough: Suppressing Cancer Stem Cells

The new understanding about the role that cancer stem cells play in both the initiation of cancer and cancer metastasis is an exciting scientific breakthrough in cancer therapy. Therapies that target cancer stem cells will revolutionize cancer therapy. In the first section of this article, I will discuss what cancer stem cells are, and the role they play in the initiation of cancer and the development of cancer metastasis (spreading). In the second section, I will discuss anti-inflammatory therapies that suppress cancer stem cell activity and allow the body to heal.

Every type of tissue and organ contains a few stem cells. Stem cells are immature or undeveloped cells that normally remain dormant. However, when tissues are damaged, stem cells are activated and begin to produce new cells (called daughter cells) which can develop into whatever type of cell is needed. For example, if you get cut, local stem cells are activated, producing daughter cells which develop into new skin cells to heal the wound.

We now know that inflammation generates free radicals, which damage the DNA in stem cells, creating cancer stem cells. Then the cancer stem cells (with damaged DNA) begin producing large amounts of new daughter cells, which become a tumor.

Our understanding of cancer stem cells (CSCs) and the role they play in the generation of cancers and cancer metastasis is accelerating rapidly. The first article on cancer stem cells appeared in PubMed in Nov. 1980. A second article was published inn 1983. Then nothing appeared until one paper in 2001 and one in 2002. That is a total of four papers on cancer stem cells over a period of 22 years. Compare that with the past ten years (2007-2016) which saw a total of 2,899 papers on cancer stem cells published in PubMed.

The Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis: On April 11, 2016, I conducted a broader search using the data bases accessible through Goggle Scholar. This search revealed that 136,000 studies have been published on cancer stem cells and 5,590 studies have been published on the Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis. The results of these data base searches reveal that a great deal of scientific research is being conducted on cancer stem cells. However, it takes roughly 20-25 years for new information to be accepted and integrated into main stream medical practice. Sadly, most traditional oncologists are not aware of the new research regarding the role of cancer stem cells.

Here is an example of the type of new research that I am talking about. An article titled Targeting Cancer Stem Cells: A New Therapy To Cure Cancer Patients was published in the American Journal of Cancer Research (April, 2012). Another example; in September 2016, Case Western Reserve University and the National Center for Regenerative Medicine hosted a 4-day conference that was totally devoted to cancer stem cells titled: 2016 Cancer Stem Cell Conference in Cleveland, OH. The 2018 Cancer Stem Cell conference is now being planned.

Cancer Stem Cells Are Responsible For Metastasis & Treatment Resistance: The bulk of a tumor mass (about 99%) consists of regular tumor cells, called daughter cells, while about 1% of a tumor mass consists of cancer stem cells. Primary tumor cells can cause problems but they are not the primary cause of cancer deaths. It is cancer metastasis that kills.

Cancer stem cells are resistant to chemotherapy & radiation. Hence, chemotherapy & radiation target the rapidly dividing cells in the tumor mass, but they do not kill the cancer stem cells. In fact, chemo & radiation activate cancer stem cells, causing them to exit the tumor and travel to distant locations where they initiate a new cancer growth. This is called metastasis. Over 90% of cancer patients die from metastasis.

After a course of chemo or radiation, an oncologist may tell a patient that the therapy successfully shrank the tumor by 60% or 80%. This should not be viewed as a therapeutic victory. Although the tumor mass was shrunk, cancer stem cells were activated, creating a high probability of future metastasis.

Inflammation & Cancer: Inflammation plays a major role in the initiation of cancer and the development of cancer metastasis. Initially, inflammation causes DNA damage to stem cells, converting them to cancerous stem cells. An increasing number of studies report that various types of anti-inflammatory therapies can target and kill cancer stem cells.

Instead of trying to kill ALL the cells in a tumor with chemotherapy & radiation, leading cancer scientists now believe it is more effective to use anti-inflammatory therapies that directly target cancer stem cells. When stem cells are eliminated, cancers cannot grow or metastasize/spread to other parts of the body.

Revolution In Cancer Therapy: A landmark paper, authored by Antonina Kurtova, et al, was published in the January 8, 2015 issue of the highly prestigious journal Nature titled: Blocking PGE2-induced tumor repopulation abrogates bladder cancer chemoresistance. I realize this title won’t mean much to people without a medical background, but I want to summarize the revolutionary information put forth in this article.

a) Chemotherapy stimulates cancer stem cells and promotes metastasis

b) Anti-inflammatory therapies are the most effective way to treat/suppress cancer stem cells

c) Anti-inflammatory therapies will also help inhibit metastasis

d) The authors recommend using anti-inflammatory drugs such as Celebrex (celecoxib), which have significant negative side effects

e) Instead of drugs, I recommend using nutritional or other natural products that provide non-toxic anti-inflammatory activity.

f) For additional information on cancer stem cells, I recommend that people read an article by Brad Weeks, MD that provides a clear explanation of why chemotherapy and radiation make your cancer worse:

g) I also recommend watching a video of a presentation that Dr. Brad Weeks gave at the 44th annual Cancer Control Convention held in Pasadena, CA, September 2016. The link to his presentation is:

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Therapies to Suppress Cancer Stem Cells: The following natural plant-based natural compounds have well known anti-inflammatory activity: curcumin, indole-3-carbinol, and hesperidin. Studies report that these compounds can kill cancer stem cells without damaging normal stem cells. However, the most effective natural anti-inflammatory therapy I am aware of is a product named SOUL.

SOUL: A highly effective anti-inflammatory compound made from organically grown, non-GMO whole crushed seeds: Two years ago, I got introduced to a company named Rain International when I was speaking at an anti-aging medical conference in Las Vegas. Rain has pioneered the development of products made primarily from organically grown seeds. Since seeds contain the dense nutrition that plants need for their initial growth, Rain’s seed-based products are nutrient dense.

One of Rain’s products, named SOUL, is the most effective natural anti-inflammatory product I’ve ever encountered. SOUL is a liquid that comes in little foil packets containing two ounces of seed-based nutrition. Since I am a pharmacist, I am aware of the side effects from prescription drugs for pain and inflammation. Hence, I was excited to find an all-natural anti-inflammatory product to recommend to people with pain & inflammation. Some of the people I recommended SOUL to were taking morphine or oxycodone for pain or NSAIDs like ibuprofen 3 or 4 times daily. After taking SOUL for a week or so, many of these people either substantially reduce or discontinue their drugs. I wrote an article about SOUL’s anti-inflammatory effects which I posted on my blog in May 2015 titled: Got pain? Read this…!!! SOUL Is A Safe, Effective Natural Anti-Inflammatory Product. The link to the article on my blog is below.

SOUL: An Anti-Inflammatory To Suppress Cancer Stem Cells: About six months ago I read my first article on the relationship between inflammation and cancer stem cells, and the role they play in the initiation of cancer, and their role in causing metastasis. Other articles by Dr. Weeks on the link between inflammation, cancer stem cells and cancer can be found at:

Since then, I’ve been devouring the scientific literature on the relationship between inflammation and cancer stem cells. I quickly connected the dots and realized that SOUL is probably the most effective anti-inflammatory product that cancer patients can take to suppress cancer stem cells and reduce the risk of future metastasis.

The link below contains the results of independent third party testing on SOUL that documents its anti-inflammatory activity, its antioxidant activity and a 62% increase in the activity of the SIRT1 gene which is associated with better health and increased longevity.

I’m Not Recommending SOUL as a “Treatment” for Cancer: I am a pharmacist, a nutritionist and a science writer. But, I am not a medical doctor. It is illegal for me to “treat” cancer patients. I want to emphasize that I am not promoting SOUL as a cancer therapy. However, I have been telling people for years that one of the most pro-active things they can do to promote good health and healthy longevity is to reduce inflammation. We now know that inflammation is at the root of all health problems.

Cancer Patients Taking SOUL: The recommended dose of SOUL is one packet twice daily. I recommend that patients with active cancer take at least 2 to 4 packets of SOUL daily. Some patients take 6 or 8 daily. For patients who have undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation, I recommend a minimum of one packet of SOUL twice daily.

Studies On The Anti-Cancer Activity of SOUL’s Ingredients: SOUL’s primary ingredients are organically grown black cumin seeds, black raspberry seeds and chardonnay grape seeds. A recent database search on Goggle Scholar displayed 9,590 published studies using the search terms black cumin and cancer. After studying this topic intensely for the past six months, I now believe that the anti-cancer activity reported by the ingredients in SOUL are primarily due to its anti-inflammatory effects. This makes perfect sense now that we understand the relationship between inflammation and cancer stem cells.

My Bio & Background:

In 1987, I worked as a consultant doing research for The Gerson Cancer Therapy. This is the alternative cancer therapy developed by the German physician Max Gerson. The Gerson Therapy is famous for using coffee enemas to rapidly detoxify the liver.

From 1988-1994, I lived in Baja, Mexico where I was the hospital administrator at a large alternative, non-toxic cancer hospital named Hospital Santa Monica. We utilized a wide range of therapies that were illegal in the United States. We were especially well known for our pioneering work providing IV infusions of a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is quickly broken down into water and oxygen. Hence, this protocol is an effective way to oxygenate the body which effectively fights cancer.

I have written the following two books on alternative cancer therapies: a) Alternatives In Cancer Therapy (Simon & Schuster, 1994) and, b) How To Prevent Breast Cancer (Simon & Schuster,1995).

I have conducted consultations with cancer patients regarding diet, nutrition and lifestyle issues and alternative cancer therapies for over 30 years.

Acknowledgement of My Conflict of Interest: Rain International in a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. I generally do not get involved with MLM companies. However, Rain International’s products, based on organically grown, non-GMO seeds, are uniquely beneficial. The other thing that is important to me is the fact that there are excellent peer-reviewed scientific studies that document and explain the benefits of Rain International’s products.

Other Rain products that I recommend for cancer patients:

FORM is a high-quality protein powder. Approximately 60% to 80% of patients who have received chemotherapy and/or radiation eventually die from cachexia. Cachexia is a term that refers to the wasting away of a cancer patient. Chemotherapy and radiation destroy a patient’s GI tract, which makes them unable to absorb nutrients. When this happens, the body starts to auto-digest its own muscle mass to get amino acids. FORM helps prevent cachexia because is an easily absorbed form of quality protein, which helps you get your protein/amino acid needs met so that you do not begin to lose muscle mass.


CORE is a highly concentrated green drink. Green drinks provide a really high level of dense nutrition, but most people don’t make them regularly because they are messy and time consuming. The CORE packets are an easy way to ingest a daily green drink. In addition to seed extracts, CORE also contains concentrated extracts from kale, wheat grass, chlorella, spirulina, and aloe. This product is a great detoxifying agent, neutralized free radicals and provides a powerful boost to your immune system. Read more about CORE.

FUSED: If you are a coffee drinker, Rain has created the healthiest coffee in the world. Below is my blog post that explains FUSED’s unique benefits.


NO RISK: I want to emphasize that Rain International offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee on your first order of any Rain International product if you are not totally satisfied. SOUL, CORE and FUSED have 30 doses per box. Try it for one month. If, after 29 days, you are not satisfied, call Rain and they will honor and process a full refund.

If you want to learn more about the unique seed-based products from Rain International, please go to my personal WEB site: and click on the Products Tab.

You can order SOUL or any of Rain’s other products from my WEB site by clicking the Buy Now tab.

Please feel free to contact me at (541) 601-1492 if you would like to discuss any of the information I’ve written about, or if you want help in placing your initial order.

Also, if you would like to try samples of SOUL or any of the other Rain products, I am happy to assist with this. I sell samples at my cost which is $2 per sample for SOUL and CORE and 70 cents for each sample of FUSED coffee. I add $10 for postage and handling.

In wish everyone greater levels of health and happiness. In health, Ross


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