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Do you know a woman who has had radiation therapy? A Must Read!

This post contains VERY important information for people who have had radiation therapy for cancer and especially for women who have had radiation therapy for breast cancer. In 2016, over 3 million cancer survivors were treated with radiation and that number is expected to increase to over 4 million radiation-treated cancer patients per year by 2030. Women with breast cancer are the largest group, accounting for 40% of all cancer patients that receive radiation therapy. Please pass this message on to anyone you know that has received radiation therapy and especially to women who are breast cancer survivors. Please help support women's health and help make this educational message “go viral.”

It is an established fact that radiation treatments for cancer damage neighboring tissues. The primary “collateral” damage that is inflicted on the surrounding tissues is done to thousands of very small (micro-capillary) blood vessels in the adjacent area.

This video shows the increased micro-capillary blood flow following one 8-minute Bemer session. Click the link, scroll down to the green side-by-side images and click on the arrow to start.

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