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The side effects caused by antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs are far more serious and long-lasting than most people realize. I am sounding the alarm about this crisis, and I am also educating people about natural therapies that can provide a great deal of help. Learn about...
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The Gut-Brain Connection
Exciting cutting edge scientific research is explaining the how gut bacteria communicate with the brain to influence and regulate moods and emotional states. I teach people how to obtain and maintain the type of bacteria that reduce anxiety and depression.
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The Bundle Damage Theory
Physical damage to brain neurons contributes to depression. I present natural healing therapies that prevent further damage and enable people to begin to heal this form damage.
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 Nutritional Therapies
I discuss the nutritional therapies that support the body’s production of neurotransmitters.  I also review a wide range of additional nutritional therapies that reduce anxiety and depression.
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Diet & Lifestyle Issues
I review studies that report how factors like sleep, exercise, diet, light, and acupuncture can help improve depression and anxiety.
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Controversies In Psychiatry
I review numerous controversies in psychiatry and I present key thought and opinion leaders who are expressing their concerns about psychiatry’s drug-only treatment approach. Some of the issues I cover are:
  • Side Effects of Drugs:  I discuss & explain how antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs work and the natural and seriousness of their side effects;
  • Publication Bias: Studies document that pharmaceutical companies lie to doctors and the public. Most negative drug trials are not published; benefits of psychiatric drugs are vastly inflated while side effects are minimized and/or not reported;
  • Questioning the serotonin hypothesis and the chemical imbalance theory;
  • Conflicts of Interest between Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA.
WATCH the video introduction to my online course "Natural Therapies for Depression and Anxiety." Learn how to treat Anxiety and Depression naturally, and learn to counter the negative side effects of prescription medications.
It is estimated that over 11% of Americans are now taking antidepressant drugs.  If you or someone you know is taking antidepressant or anti-anxiety drugs, I invite you to register for a webinar that can change your life forever.

Praise for the Course

Natural approaches to alleviating and eliminating depression are sadly overlooked by mainstream medicine, which forces side effect-laden drugs on patients that show little in the way of efficacy. In many cases, drugs used to treat depression take away the “humanity” of the individual, making the treatment worse than the depressive condition. Your holistic natural approaches to eliminating depression have not only demonstrated proven efficacy, but provide numerous side benefits that could add many healthy years to your patient’s lifespan. No one suffering depression or anxiety should be denied access to the comprehensive treatment information you have assembled. By implementing just a few of these low-cost approaches you suggest will result in many individuals suffering from psychological disorders returning to normal states and ridding themselves of side-effect prone drugs.”

- William Faloon, President, Life Extension Foundation
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Dr. Ross Pelton is a clear, progressive, articulate and powerful educator. If you (or someone you know) has anxiety or depression and want to get better, the four hours you spend learning from Dr. Ross will empower you to make the scientifically proven changes in your treatment plan that improves your chances of getting better. This can be life changing. As a clinician, I learn from Dr Ross whenever he presents. His course provides new, usable, applicable and timely insights and plans that have changed what I do to help my patients get better. 4 hours well spent.

- P. Michael Stone, M.D., M.S. IFMCP International instructor in functional nutrition and functional medicine with the Institute for Functional Medicine
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