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for Ross Pelton, The Natural Pharmacist

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Ross Pelton truly understands what is missing in modern medicine. He is able to apply his rare combination of nutrition and pharmacologic expertise to not only address illness, but improve overall wellness.  As a highly sought after practitioner, speaker, and author, he makes these concepts easy for anyone to understand and change their lives for the better. In his new book The Pill Problem, he shows how one of the most common pills taken by women can cause many unintended, and sometimes devastating side effects, and how these effects can then be corrected. This book is invaluable to not just women considering oral contraceptives, but anyone interested in female or hormonal health.

Murdoc Khaleghi, MD FACEP FAAEM
Medical Director,
Author of
New, Healthier You, The Everything Guide to Preventing Heart Disease, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Boosting Your Immunity
I have known Ross for 7 years and can't speak highly enough about his creativeness, intelligence and humanity in the area of helping people discover how to find healthy living. What is really amazing about Ross is that he is a classically trained "big store" pharmacist that has decided to follow a functional approach to life that incorporates balanced diet, smart supplementation, and lifestyle choices. He sees pharmaceuticals for what they are: powerful tools to be used intelligently but sparingly. Ross was one of the original practitioners for WellnessFX and had a huge influence on our formative thought process. On a personal note, Ross also has been my wellness practitioner and helped me achieve better health.

Jim Kean
CEO and Founder
Texas Osteopathic Medical Association
Your presentations on the subjects of Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions as well as The Keys to Healthy Aging were both very well put together and extremely well received by our seminar attendees; both lectures added tremendously to the over all quality of our educational program. Your sessions were two of the highest rated lectures given during our program and many asked that we have you back next year. We want to express our sincere thanks for taking time out of your very busy schedule to prepare and present these lectures on topics that were very relative to our osteopathic physician attendees. We thank you again for taking part in this convention, which was very important to both our organization and our attendees.

Sam Tessen, MS
Executive Director
Texas Osteopathic Medical Association
OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry
Dr. Ross Pelton, as a pharmacist and a nutritionist expertly correlates the effects of drugs and nutrition from the cellular/molecular level to practical, everday use, in the context of healthy aging and life outstanding presentation!

James R. Benson, DDS
OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry
American College for Advancement in Medicine
Currently, there is wide spread misunderstanding around the use of nutrition and nutritional supplements along side conventional therapy. IT is often perceived that there will be negative interactions because of nutritional supplement use. What is not well known is that the use of pharmaceutical drugs results in significant vitamin and mineral depletion that disrupts cellular homeostasis. Dr. Ross Pelton’s book The Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook has been a significant contribution to the literature around this topic. It is well researched and evidence based. Dr. Pelton presented this topic at the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) annual meeting. He was an able speaker, receiving high scores for the presentation and content on audience reviews. I would highly recommend Dr. Pelton as a lecturer and conference presenter and would have no hesitation in asking him back to an ACAM meeting.

Jeanne A. Drisko, M.D.
Program Coordinator
American College for Advancement in Medicine
HELA AB Health Conference
We at HELA AB would like to thank you for coming to Falkoping, Sweden to be a presenter at our health conferences over the past ten days. Many of the therapists and health professionals who attended have given us feedback indicating that the information you presented was some of the most exciting and helpful information they have ever been exposed to.

Per Rabe
Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, Inc.
We at HELA AB would like to thank you for coming to Falkoping, Sweden to be a presenter at our health conferences over the past ten days. Many of the therapists and health professionals who attended have given us feedback indicating that the information you presented was some of the most exciting and helpful information they have ever been exposed to.

Barry Perzow
Founder and Chairman of the Board
Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, Inc.
The International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists
We are ever grateful for the nutrition research talents and educations skills of Ross Pelton, R.Ph., Ph.D., CCN, who has worked alongside of the founders of the International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN) for over twenty years. Whether it was presenting research papers at the IAACN Annual Scientific Symposium, providing leadership for examination writers at the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB), or his active participation on the CNCB Post Graduate Studies in Clinical Nutrition (PGSCN) Training Faculty, Dr. Pelton has established for himself a significant niche in the annals of clinical nutrition history. While there are many ‘greats’ in the field of clinical nutrition, not so many provide the time to anchor and build the profession as well.

Winna Henry
Senior Directo
Clinical Nutrition Certification Board
Rogue Regional Medical Center
I am John Shonerd, DO, Family Practice physician and chair of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) department at Rogue Regional Medical Center (RRMC) in Medford, OR.  I have had the opportunity to see/hear many presentations given to our staff over the last 30 years.  Ross Pelton gave a truly all-star presentation for us just last month.  He is informative, well-organized, and captivating.  His scientific background is solid.  And his grounded presentation gives the student a great "take away" for the practical use of supplemental products.  He is well-versed in herbal and nutritional supplement assists in treatment of a variety of ills.  I highly recommend Ross to readers and listeners with an interest in non-pharmacological alternate remedies. 

John Shonerd, DO
Chair, Continuing Medical Education
Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center
FON Therapeutics
I have known Dr. Ross for almost 20 years, shortly after I was diagnosed with leukemia and searching for nutritional insight. His knowledge then regarding the power of an anticancer diet, select nutraceuticals, hydration and mind/body medicine, exercise was nothing less than prescient. Today Dr. Ross is a pioneer and leading thought leader in the area of functional or metabolic medicine … and was so long before these terms entered the American lexicon. Anyone would be wise to listen to what Dr. Ross has to say about disease prevention, wellness and graceful aging.

Glenn Sabin
FON Therapeutics

N-of-1: How One Man's Triumph Over Terminal Cancer is Changing the Medical Establishment
Vibrant Health
Thank you, Ross Pelton. The Pill Problem is a much needed book . I have been saying this for years to my patients and in my books. So many medical conditions are caused by prescription medications. Consumers must become aware of all the effects of any drug that is prescribed-- and I mean "effects" not "side effects," since the target is a diffuse and varied one, and the bad comes with the good or desired effect. There are no magic bullets! The Pill Problem is a MUST READ for all women taking oral contraceptives, or who may consider taking them in the future.

Hyla Cass, MD
Author of 
Supplement Your Prescription and 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health
Wellness Works
Ross Pelton’s presentation “Drug Induced Nutrient Depletions” is the most comprehensive examination of this topic available. Drug induced nutrient depletions are an ever increasing problem in America today. And Ross’s presentation is a valuable “must hear” for pharmacists and prescribers alike.  

John Preckshot, R.Ph., CCN
Wellness Works
Rogue Regional Medical Center
We have an on-going PI-CME group and we asked Ross Pelton to do a 2-hour presentation to our group on the topic of benzodiazepines and natural therapies for anxiety. The presentation was centered around a variety of nutritional deficiencies which benefit from supplementation of specific micronutrients.  Ross provided our Performance Improvement CME event with evidence-based articles on the appropriate diagnosis and the treatment doses in each case.  His presentation was well-organized, cogent, intellectually honest, and overall, very compelling.

John Shonerd, D.O.
Rogue Regional Medical Center
Southern Oregon University
I found Ross Pelton's book The Pill Problem a quick and gratifying read. The information is well researched, well articulated, and valuable.  I have often wondered how much of what we see in various conditions has to do with iatrogenic nutrient deficiencies caused by hormonal birth control methods. We have needed a book of this sort for years.

Elisabeth Curry
Family Nurse Practitioner; Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Southern Oregon University Student Health & Wellness Clinic
Valley Integrative Pharmacy
Drug-nutrient depletion was an outstanding seminar. Dr. Ross Pelton is an excellent speaker and kept my attention the entire time. His program is packed with vital information important for the health and well-being of every patient that comes into our pharmacies. This program is a must for all practicing pharmacists.

Doreen Vallier
Valley Integrative Pharmacy, NJ
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