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In his new book The Pill Problem, he shows how one of the most common pills taken by women can cause many unintended, and sometimes devastating side effects, and how these effects can then be corrected. This book is invaluable to not just women considering oral contraceptives, but anyone interested in female or hormonal health.

- Murdoc Khaleghi, MD, Medical Director, WellnessFX

What is really amazing about Ross is that he is a classically trained "big store" pharmacist that has decided to follow a functional approach to life that incorporates balanced diet, smart supplementation, and lifestyle choices. He sees pharmaceuticals for what they are: powerful tools to be used intelligently but sparingly.

- Jim Kean, CEO and Founder, WellnessFX

Dr. Pelton has established for himself a significant niche in the annals of clinical nutrition history.

- Winna Henry, Senior Director, Clinical Nutrition Certification Board

He is informative, well-organized, and captivating.  His scientific background is solid. I highly recommend Ross to readers and listeners with an interest in non-pharmacological alternate remedies.

- John Shonerd, DO,  Chair, Continuing Medical Education, Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center

Today Dr. Ross is a pioneer and leading thought leader in the area of functional or metabolic medicine … and was so long before these terms entered the American lexicon. Anyone would be wise to listen to what Dr. Ross has to say about disease prevention, wellness and graceful aging.

- Glenn Sabin, Founder, FON Therapeutics

The Pill Problem is a MUST READ for all women taking oral contraceptives, or who may consider taking them in the future.

- Hyla Cass, MD, Author of Supplement Your Prescription and 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health