Oral Contraceptives and Nutrient Depletion



Birth control pills are currently taken by over 12 million women in the United States and over 100 million women worldwide. Unfortunately, most don’t realize that taking birth control pills substantially increases the risk of having many health problems, some of which are potentially very serious. In his new book Ross Pelton, the world’s leading expert on drug-induced nutrient depletions, teaches how to protect your health from the dangerous side effects of oral contraceptives.

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Probiotics Are Critical for Immune Function and Digestive Health

Health Quest Podcast with Steve Lankford

Probiotics are finally getting the respect they deserve. Probiotics play a critical role in human health. We often think of probiotics in terms of digestive health and they are very important for that function. What is not as well appreciated is the role that probiotics play in supporting immune health. What is also misunderstood is that probiotic supplements are vastly different from one another and not all probiotics produce the same benefits.

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