Birth Control Pills and How They Affect Your Health

with Jeanette Gallagher

Thinking of just getting a prescription for birth control pills is as simple as popping a pill and go about your business of life?  Think again.  Birth control pills have effects on your body that you don't see but will show up later on and may be a serious health risk.  Do you know the risks of pill popping BCP?  Did you ever read about the risks, ask your physician, know what the drug registers say about the pill and how to make an informed choice in the right birth control pill?  The answers are here today as my guest has written a book on just this.

My guest today is Ross Pelton, a natural pharmacist who is the author of The Pill Problem.  It is all about the side effects of oral contraceptives.  No, they are not just a benign pill that just does one thing, stop pregnancy. 

Join Ross and myself in a candid conversation that is fit for parents, teens and young adults.  This is very important information if you are taking BCP, have taken in the past or have kids that are coming of that age.  Please join us.  This show will also be available for one year in the archives and can be shared on social media with the correct tags. 
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