Birth Control Pills and How They Affect Your Health

with Jeanette Gallagher

Thinking of just getting a prescription for birth control pills is as simple as popping a pill and go about your business of life?  Think again.  Birth control pills have effects on your body that you don't see but will show up later on and may be a serious health risk.  Do you know the risks of pill popping BCP?  Did you ever read about the risks, ask your physician, know what the drug registers say about the pill and how to make an informed choice in the right birth control pill?  The answers are here today as my guest has written a book on just this.

My guest today is Ross Pelton, a natural pharmacist who is the author of The Pill Problem.  It is all about the side effects of oral contraceptives.  No, they are not just a benign pill that just does one thing, stop pregnancy. 

Join Ross and myself in a candid conversation that is fit for parents, teens and young adults.  This is very important information if you are taking BCP, have taken in the past or have kids that are coming of that age.  Please join us.  This show will also be available for one year in the archives and can be shared on social media with the correct tags. 
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Know your body and know the truth


The extensive list of side effects are unreal! Are we really leaving our health into the hands of pharmacists who only have their pockets as their priority rather than genuine interest in health?!

Side effect come in subtle waves or as obvious symptoms. Pay attention to how you feel, your body has your best interest as homeostasis is its ultimate job. Discuss with your physician the side effects that you notice, which may be the just the information your physician needs to determine if the medication you are prescribed is right for you. Health issues to be aware of may consist of:> View Full Post

Buzz Salad


by John Darling

Ashland author and nutritionist goes online to show his salad-making tips

Ashland author and nutritionist Ross Pelton, also known as "the Natural Pharmacist," might be soon be adding a new title to his resume: Cooking-show host.

Pelton posted a video on YouTube recently showing how to make a "Buzz Salad," something he and his wife, Taffy Clarke Pelton, make on a regular basis.

It's fast, which fits their busy lifestyle, and it's highly nutritious, which fits their values. The video has been viewed almost 5,000 times.

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The Birth Control Blues, what your birth control pill may be doing to your health


By Sara Dietz

I recently came across the book "The Pill Problem: How to Protect Your Health from the Side Effects of Oral Contraception" by pharmacist Ross Pelton. New studies shown in this book say that many women taking oral contraceptives for decades have struggled with "the Birth Control Blues".

What are the "Birth Control Blues"? This phrase confirms reports that oral contraceptives double the risk of women developing depression which in turn leads them to be unnecessarily dependent of antidepressant medications.

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Problems of the pill


by Kasey Wilson

For many women, taking the small oral contraceptive pill is very convenient. It so called ‘regulates’ cycles, protects against unwanted pregnancy and allows for a sporadic sex life. But is it worth it?

Although the information of contraceptive pill side effect use is well known in the medical industry, it is not diligently communicated to the public. If you read the fine print, warnings are included with prescriptions, however time and time again I see friends, family and patients who are blissfully unaware of the potential dangers of their daily pill. Many tell me  their doctors never mentioned the risks involved!

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Feeling Lousy? It Could be Your Birth Control


Written by Nina Flanagan

It turns out the Pill prevents a whole lot more than just pregnancy.


If you’re one of the estimated 100 million women worldwide who currently take an oral contraceptive, make sure you take your vitamins. Not just vitamins, but also certain minerals and supplements.

This is the urgent message from Ross Pelton, an author, pharmacist, and clinical nutritionist with more than 30 years of research and scientific experience. “All oral contraceptives prevent the intestinal tract from absorbing nutrients and this leads to many different health conditions,” he says. His latest book, The Pill Problem, explores each condition, some of which are life-threatening, and lists the nutrients affected, suggesting which supplements to take to regain health. 

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The Pill Problem


Birth control pills are part of modern life; millions of women in the United States and around the world take them to prevent pregnancy.  But "the pill" has other effects, some of which are widely known and others less so. Rogue Valley pharmacist Ross Pelton catalogs them all in his book "The Pill Problem: How to Protect Your Health from the Side Effects of Oral Contraceptives."  

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Oral Contraceptives and Nutrient Depletion



Birth control pills are currently taken by over 12 million women in the United States and over 100 million women worldwide. Unfortunately, most don’t realize that taking birth control pills substantially increases the risk of having many health problems, some of which are potentially very serious. In his new book Ross Pelton, the world’s leading expert on drug-induced nutrient depletions, teaches how to protect your health from the dangerous side effects of oral contraceptives.

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Oral contraception offers great benefits, but can rob your body blind


by Ross Pelton

The Pill
When “the pill” was approved for contraception in 1960, it quickly became one of the most important social and cultural revolutions in the history of the world. It’s estimated that more than 80 percent of women born in the United State after 1945 have used oral contraceptives, or OCs. Currently an estimated 12-million women in the U.S., and more than 100-million worldwide are using oral contraceptives.

There is no question that oral contraceptives have brought an unprecedented level of freedom to women in making choices about their health, pleasure and family planning, but a side effect rarely mentioned by the prescribing physician or organization is that they deplete a wide range of nutrients from women’s bodies. Health problems that can develop from these nutrient depletions include depression, sleep disorders, anemia, low energy, migraine headaches, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, diabetes, a weakened immune system, birth defects, accelerated aging, and cancers of the uterus, colon and breast. Some of these show up more quickly than others; studies report that about 50 percent of women who begin using oral contraceptives will discontinue use within the first six to 12 months due to side effects.

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Taking a birth control pill? It might be leaching nutrients from your body


By Linda Clarke

Ross Pelton, author of The Pill Problem, says that his career has bridged two worlds: that of a registered pharmacist dealing with medications and that of a certified clinical nutritionist concerned with natural healing.

This duality has led him to discover what he calls drug-induced nutrient depletion. This side effect of medications can’t be measured in nausea, vomiting, headaches or whatever is on those unappealing lists. Rather, drug-induced nutrient depletion happens slowly, over time, as a medication either inhibits absorption or production — or leaches — nutrients from the body. Among the many common drugs that produce this are oral contraceptives, which prompted Pelton to write The Pill Problem.

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Book Review: The Pill Problem

Feminists for Choice logo

by Cascia Talbert

Before I started reading The Pill Problem by Ross Pelton I had just finished Drugs for Life by Joseph Dumit. I was slightly apprehensive about the message of the book, thinking that Pelton would promote solving one problem by perhaps encouraging the use of various drugs, but I was wrong. Pelton acknowledges the fact that the pill plays an important role in the lives of women, but states that the side effects are many and varied. Pelton’s mission with this book is to educate women on the side effects of the pill and hope that they will switch over to safer, healthier forms of contraception.
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Jeff Rense interviews Ross Pelton about The Pill Problem

Pasted Graphic 1

by Jeff Rense

Ross Pelton answers in-depth questions about The Pill Problem.

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Ross discusses The Pill Problem


Probiotics, calcium absorption and osteoporosis


Ross Pelton talks with Danielle Lin about probiotics and intestinal health with a focus on the relationship between probiotics, calcium absorption and osteoporosis.

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Book Exposes the Harmful Side Effects of Oral Contraceptives

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by Cascia Talbert

In 1960 the FDA approved the use of oral contraceptives.  It is estimated that over 80% of women in the US born after 1945 have used oral contraceptives at one point in their lives.  Although, according to recent studies 50% of women who begin using oral contraceptives discontinue use within the first six to 12 months due to side effects.
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New book reveals scary, long-term side effects of The Pill


Could depression, obesity and sexual dysfunction all be blamed on misinformation about oral contraceptives?

On the one hand, we are a culture obsessed with health, fitness and nutrition — especially when they promise to mitigate the effects of aging. On the other hand, those of us who wouldn’t dream of scarfing down a Twinkie for fear of inciting a carb-high-fructose-related disaster are weirdly receptive to ingesting, swallowing and injecting just about anything that promises to make it all better, particularly when accompanied by a smattering of scientific studies, a dollop of celebrity endorsement and a slick marketing campaign.

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Ashland pharmacist's latest book looks at problems with oral contraceptives

By John Darling

Some pills can be helpful in maintaining health. But long-term use of pharmaceutical drugs, including oral contraceptives, can lead to nutritional deficiencies with big fallout for heart health, depression, sexuality and other areas of life, according to Ashland pharmacist, author and health educator Ross Pelton in his new book, "The Pill Problem.

The author of 10 books on topics such as brain food, anti-aging, alternative cancer therapies and natural medicines, Pelton says artificial hormones in birth-control pills impact 12 million American women.

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Probiotics Are Critical for Immune Function and Digestive Health

Health Quest Podcast with Steve Lankford

Probiotics are finally getting the respect they deserve. Probiotics play a critical role in human health. We often think of probiotics in terms of digestive health and they are very important for that function. What is not as well appreciated is the role that probiotics play in supporting immune health. What is also misunderstood is that probiotic supplements are vastly different from one another and not all probiotics produce the same benefits.

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