What you need to know about probiotics and immune health


What do probiotics have to do with your immune system? A lot-In this Interview with the Expert, Ross Pelton, RPh CCN PHD shares with us what you need to know about the importance of probiotics, and the uniqueness of Dr Ohira’s probiotics. Get great information including:
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How to avoid the discomforts of travel

Healthy by Nature host Martie Whittekin interviews pharmacist and author, Dr. Ross Pelton who shares how to avoid the discomforts of travel. (No, he can't do anything about ticket prices.)

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CoQ10-depleting drugs


As part of the Healthy Living Lecture Series, Dr. Ross Pelton explains the drugs that deplete Coenzyme Q10 in your body and why it's so important to replace if you want to maintain good cardiovascular health. For 25 years Ross Pelton's passion has been keeping up with the latest research on the science and technology of life extension and anti-aging. Dr. Pelton specializes in what is often referred to as complementary or alternative medicine.
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Battling bugs with beneficial bacteria


Ross Pelton appears on Good Morning Texas to discuss battling seasonal cold and flu bugs with beneficial bacteria found in probiotics. Good bacteria support the immune system in multiple ways. Watch this TV interview to learn more.
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