A Pharmacist’s Perspective on Healthy Aging


This interview is soooo interesting! Lisa talks today with Dr. Ross Pelton, a pharmacist who really has his ear to the ground in terms of alternative, natural ways of combatting and dealing with many of today’s most prescribed drugs and the aliments they’re supposed to treat. You’ll get an idea from Dr. Ross what these alternatives are so you can stop using the drugs that are robbing important nutrients from your body.

Ross Pelton, R.Ph., Ph.D., is a pharmacist, a nutritionist, and a health educator. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1966 with a degree in Pharmacy and in 1984, he received his Ph.D. in Psychology and Holistic Health from The University for Humanistic Studies in San Diego, California. Dr. Pelton has been involved in alternative cancer work for over ten years.

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