Why Are Women More Depressed Than Men?

Why are women more depressed than men? A study that reviewed the scientific literature spanning 33 years from 1966 to 1999 revealed that depression occurs approximately twice as often in women as men. Also, a study sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that depressive disorders occur from 1.5 to 3 times more frequently in women than in men. In my book The Pill Problem, I present what I feel is a major contributing factor to the gender differences in the incidence of depression.

Here is the issue. When estrogen medications are taken orally the interfere with the absorption of many nutrients. When I say oral estrogen medications, I am referring to birth control pills and also the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications that women take to reduce the symptoms of menopause. I call this topic drug-induced nutrient depletion. I have written two books on this topic which I think makes me the world's leading expert on this issue. These books are The Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook and The Nutritional Cost of Drugs.

Both oral contraceptives and the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications deplete vitamin B6 which is required for the synthesis of serotonin. Thus, many women taking oral estrogen medications will have lower levels of serotonin and develop depression. Other nutrients depleted by oral contraceptives that increase the likelihood that a woman will develop depression are, vitamin B12, folic acid and the amino acid tyrosine. In my book I explain how taking appropriate levels of t

Depression and many more side effects caused by oral contraceptives are discussed in detail in my new book The Pill Problem.  The eBook can be purchased from my WEB site: or from We will soon have a physical book available for people who do not have an eReader such as an iPad or Kindle.
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