Sharing My Path To Health

I love this photo and it reminded me of how and when I made the switch from being a "normal" American to becoming a health-conscious person. I want to share my story. In 1979 I was living in a small beach community named Cardiff just north of San Diego in southern California. One morning I about 7:30 AM I was walking home from the local 7-11 market with a loaf of white bread and a half-gallon of milk ("normal American") when I happened to hear some strange sounding music emanating from a little white church across the street. It sounded like east Indian sitar music which I had learned to enjoy when I lived in Malaysia from 1971-1974 when I was in the US Peace Corps.

Out of curiosity, I walked across the street, down a little brick path, and opened the door to peek inside. I found a yoga class in session. I saw a group of about 20 people that radiated a level of health, vitality and energy that I had never experienced before. The teacher Manju came over, introduced himself and invited me to join. Yoga changed my life.

Through yoga, I began to make friends with people who had made a commitment to being healthy. Some were vegetarians, others were not, but they all ate healthy food. My new yoga friends introduced me to health books, magazines and newsletters and I began do devour this wealth of new information.

One day I remember reflecting on how the path of my life was changing. I was doing yoga, purchasing my food from local organic health food grocery stores, and incessantly learning new information about health every day. I realized that my education as a pharmacist was part of what was driving my new interest in health. I had a background in science and all this new health-related information just made sense. And, I have been diving deeper and deeper into health ever since.

On my WEB site I promote the fact that I am bilingual. The two languages I speak fluently are English and Science. Over the years I have come to realize that one of my talents is translating important scientific information into a message that understandable to non-scientific people. And so, being a health educator has become my life-long passion. I learn new things, I incorporate them into my life, and then I teach them to others who want to learn. I am thrilled that Facebook and my blog on my WEB site give me the opportunity to share the information with a global audience.

Peace and good health to you all….!!!

Credit for this photo: Tiffany Cruikshank. She is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, author and health & wellness expert who travels the the globe inspiring people to live their lives to the fullest. 

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