Tips On Choosing a High Quality Nutritional Supplement

Here are some tips on choosing a daily multivitamin/mineral nutritional supplement. I'm a big believer in the benefits of nutritional supplements in addition to a healthy diet. The foundation of a good nutritional supplement program should be a high-potency multivitamin/mineral supplement. I DO NOT mean a 1-a-day vitamin. I believe in and promote the use of higher potency nutritional supplements. In fact, I have hundreds of studies in my health data bases that report health benefits for various nutrients at dosage levels much higher than the government's Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA).

There are many good nutritional supplement companies, and many good products to choose from. I am going to give two examples. Both these examples are products from the Life Extension Foundation. I've been a member of the Life Extension Foundation's Medical Advisory Board for many years. The purity and quality of the ingredients in LEF products are exceptional and I also appreciate the fact that the Life Extension Foundation donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to support scientists who are doing work in the fields of anti-aging and life extension.

Two-Per-Day is a good quality "starter" supplement whereas the Life Extension Mix is a very high-end product where the daily dose is 12 to 14 capsules daily. The links below will take you to the LIfe Extension Foundation's WEB site where you can click on the Description and Supplement Facts tabs to examine the ingredients and learn a little bit about high quality nutritional supplements.

1) Two-Per-Day by the Life Extension Foundation. Compared to Centrum® Silver® Adults 50+, Life Extension Two-Per-Day Tablets or Capsules provide about:
4 times more vitamin D
8 times more vitamin C
2 times more vitamin E
10 times more biotin
20 times more boron
3 times more selenium
25 times more vitamin B6
50 times more vitamin B1
12 times more vitamin B12
More than twice as much niacin, zinc, and many other nutrients

2) Life Extension Mix capsules is the nutritional supplement that I personally use. The list of ingredients is too large to list here. Clicking on the Life Extension Mix capsules link will take you to the LEF WEB site where you can read about the ingredients and dosage levels in this product.

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