One Billion Rising: End Sexual Abuse And Violence Against Women

I am a man who honors women and I feel a sense of shame about the violence that men inflict on women. I urge all men to support the One Billion Rising movement to end violence and sexual abuse against women and girls throughout the world. This movement was founded by Eve Ensler who is a performer, playwright, feminist activist and is best known for her play The Vagina Monologues. On February 14, 2013 there were One Billion Rising events in over 200 countries. I was deeply touched emotionally when I learned about One Billion Rising and the extent of violence and sexual abuse of women that still happens in today's world.

The WEB site for One Billion Rising is  The Go To One Billion Rising link on that site takes you to a page with dozens of videos from the dance event celebrations for this movement from around the world. It is very moving to watch.

Below is a poem/prayer titled Man Prayer written by Eve Ensler that also deeply touched my heart. There is also a very moving 2-minute video of Man Prayer. And lastly, there is a wonderful TED talk titled Where Is Men's Roar? that asks why more men are not aware of and supporting this movement.

Man Prayer by Eve Ensler

May I be a man:
whose confidence comes from the depth of my giving,
who understands that vulnerability is my greatest strength,
who creates space rather than dominates it,
who appreciates listening more than knowing,
who seeks kindness over control,
who cries when the grief is too much,
who refuses the slap, the gun, the choke, the insult, the punch.

May I not be afraid to get lost.
May I cherish touch more than performance
and the experience more than getting there.
May I move slowly not abruptly.
May I be brave enough to share my fear and shame
and gather the other men to do the same.
May I stop pretending and open the parts of men that have long been numb.
May I cherish, respect and love my mother.
May the resonance of that love translate into loving all women and living things.

I urge all people, men and women, to help promote One Billion Rising and the global movement to end violence and sexual abuse against women.

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