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Scientific Breakthrough: Understanding The Benefits of Intense Exercise

Folks, you are NEVER too old to engage in strenuous exercise! In recent years, a flood of scientific research has been reporting that the most efficient and most effective form of exercise is short intervals of high-intensity exercise. Some of the exercise programs that now utilize this approach include CrossFit, Tabata, Insanity and Sprint 8. However, up until now the mechanism of how or why intense exercise affects the body, especially at the cellular level, remained unknown. 


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Ross Peltons's Salad Buzz

One of the most important good-health habits is to regularly consume a broad variety of brightly colored vegetables. However, many people don’t prepare fresh salads regularly because they are time consuming.

My wife Taffy created a way to save time making salads which I’ve improved on somewhat over the years. We call it our Salad Buzz. 

My Youtube video teaches people how to make a week’s worth of salad fixings in about 20-30 minutes and keep it fresh for an entire week.


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