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Got pain? Read this...!!! SOUL Is A Safe Effective Natural Anti-Inflammatory Product

Last October I attended the ACAM medical/health conference in Las Vegas. In the exhibit hall, I stopped at a booth that was promoting a natural anti-inflammatory, pain relieving product called SOUL.  They gave me a sample and told me about the product's benefits. I told them I am a "science-based guy" and that I wanted to see scientific studies that would document the product's claimed benefits. Well, it turns out there are a large number of scientific studies that have been published...

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STOP Roundup/glyphosate...!!! Independent Scientists Manifesto on Glyphosate

Timing for response for this Call-To-Action is URGENT…!!!

Please encourage any physicians or scientists you know to sign on to the following URGENT request to STOP the global use of Roundup/glyphosate...!!!

I am encouraging every physician and/or scientist I know to add their name to the following statement in an effort to stop the wide spread use of Roun...

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Online Seminar: Natural Therapies for Depression & Anxiety

An in depth look at the causes of depression and anxiety as well as natural therapies for each.

I am excited to announce the official launch of my online seminar titled Natural Therapies for Depression & Anxiety. This course, which is over 4 hours long, is packed with cutting edge information. Her...

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L-Theanine: Super-Star Anti-Anxiety Agent

L-theanine, which occurs naturally in tea leaves, has been shown to be an amazingly effective, fast acting anti-anxiety agent. Research on human volunteers has reveals that L-theanine works in several different ways to produce a sense of relaxation within approximately 20 to 40 minutes after ingestion.

One mechanism involves L-theanine's ability to increase the calming alpha b...

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#1 Factor For Healthy Aging: Maintain Your Muscle Mass

Gerontologists study aging people and the aging process. Several years ago Dr. Ravaglia and his colleagues designed a unique study to determine the most important factor for healthy aging. A group of 84 HEALTHY elderly people ranging from 90 to 106 years old were selected for this study. The study, which was titled, Determ...

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The Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas


 My wife and I love our infrared sauna. In this blog entry I want to discuss the multiple health benefits of infrared saunas.

Hot Steam Saunas vs Infrared Saunas: Traditional hot steam saunas use a stove to heat the air to 150 to 190 degrees. Many stoves contain a pile of rocks that users can throw water onto to create a burs...

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Gut Bacteria May Be Causing Your Anxiety

Did you know that the GUT is your SECOND BRAIN? The vagus nerve facilitates direct communication between the gut and the brain. The human intestinal tract contains approximately 100 trillion bacteria. Recent research now reveals that bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract generate signals that influence the brain, especially our mood and emotional states.

In ...

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