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The Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions

I've written two books on the topic of drug-induced nutrient depletions which I think makes me the world's leading expert on this topic. The Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook ​(Lexi-Comp 2001) is a reference book for physicians, pharmacists and health professionals. The Nutritional Cost of Drugs (Morton Publishing 2004) was written for the lay public.

Most people don't realize that virtually all drugs deplete nutrients. Frequently these nutrient depletions develop into health problems which cause many people to go to a doctor and get another drug. Some of the major drug categories that cause nutrient depletions include medications for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, anti-inflammatories and pain meds, birth control pills, hormone replacement meds for menopausal symptoms, HIV & AIDS meds, blood pressure, cholesterol meds, anticonvulsants, antibiotics, and on and on. They all do.

One of the services I offer is a personal One-on-One Health Consultation which includes a health history, medication review, nutritional recommendations and diet and lifestyle recommendations. These consultations can be done via telephone or on a Skype video call. I you or anyone you know are taking any prescription medications, a consultation with me will be an important and intense health education learning curve. I am like a Personal Trainer for health. 

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