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Psychiatrist Praises Natural Therapies For Depression & Anxiety

A psychiatrist in Israel named Hillel Glover, MD took my 4-hour online seminar on Natural Therapies For Depression & Anxiety and wrote a wonderful review that I am very proud of. I am posting Dr. Glover's review below.  If you know anyone suffering from depression or anxiety, please encourage they to consider taking my course, which is hosted on 

DR. GLOVER'S REVIEW: I have been in the field of mental health for 48 years. Dr. Ross Pelton was the first professional to open my eyes to the fact that so many pharmaceutical drugs can lead to various nutrient deficiencies which in turn can cause a host of mental, emotional,and physical symptoms. In my work as a psychiatrist in Israel, I always kept Ross Pelton's book on my desk when meeting with a person for the first time. Over the years countless numbers of people greatly benefited because of his work. If that same person had gone to a different physician with the same complaints most likely that person would have been prescribed yet another drug.

Sadly, I have yet to meet anther physician who was familiar with his work, or who was interested in learning the contents of his book. In order to safeguard one's health a person must be proactive and diligently research the topic in question. Fortunately, professionals like Ross Pelton have made that task much easier for all of us.  Dr. Pelton is a gifted educator who clearly enjoys teaching. He communicates ideas and concepts with clarity using visual aids and illustrations wherever possible. Ideas are presented in a very logical step-wise fashion which is easy to follow and comprehend. Each of the 39 lectures highlights important points without being unduly lengthy.

Dr. Pelton covers the pharmaceutical drugs and the alternative agents,treatments, and simple procedures that can be used in reversing symptoms of mild to moderate depression and/ or anxiety. Dr. Pelton deepens our understanding of interventions by addressing mechanisms of action.  Dr. Pelton is a person who is always active in learning new and powerful ideas that have profound impacts on our health. One example of this is his handling of the subject of our microbiome ( ie the friendly bacteria in our gut) that have major and unexpected influences on all aspects of our health including our brain.  I highly recommend this course for both professionals in the field of mental health and for patients looking for expert guidance. Thank you, Hillel Glover M.D.


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