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Personal Health Consultations With Ross: Accelerate Your Health Learning Curve

I open many of my seminars with the following statement, “Life Is The Only Game, In Which The Object Of The Game Is To Learn The Rules.”  When it comes to health, this statement contains a great deal of truth. There are some fundamental Rules of Health that people must learn in order to live a healthy life and have a healthy aging process. Unfortunately, most people did not have good role models and teachers when it comes to health.

I specialize in teaching these fundamental rules of health and I will accelerate your learning curve in the process. And, I don’t just tell you what to do, I teach you why and how these rules work. Compliance and follow-through are much greater when people understand how and why a therapy works.


  1. Medication Review and evaluation of drug-induced nutrient depletions
  2. Nutritional Supplements: review & recommendations
  3. Healing the GUT: Probiotics & microbiome recommendations
  4. Dietary review & recommendations
  5. Lifestyle recommendations
  6. Natural Therapy recommendations
  7. Detoxification protocols & recommendations
  8. Laboratory Tests: review & recommendations


I refer to an initial consultation as a 5-HOUR SESSION (2 hours of my time & 3+ hours of your time). Following our personal discussion, I spend an additional hour sending you emails summarizing what we discussed along with links to WEB sites, product recommendations, scientific studies and/or articles that explain/document topics and a variety of additional support materials. You will then need to spend 2 hours (or more) reading and studying the follow-up information I send to you. I hope to inspire you to read, study and learn the fundamental Rules of Health.

BIO:  I am an Integrative Health Consultant. I do not dismiss traditional medicine, but my primary focus is on natural medicine and natural health-oriented therapies.

My personal health consultations with clients are in-depth, comprehensive, and often life changing. As a pharmacist, I know drugs. As a nutritionist and the Natural Pharmacist, I know a great deal about diet, nutrition and natural medicine.  In October 1999, I was named one of the Top 50 Most Influential Pharmacist in America by American Druggist magazine for my educational work in natural medicine.  I would be happy to assist you in your journey to better health. To schedule a consultation, contact me at: (541) 601-1492. 


Health Topics

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