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FUSED: The Healthiest Coffee In The World

If you drink coffee and you are concerned about health, then switch to the healthiest coffee in the world. Rain International has transformed the world of coffee by creating FUSED, which is a coffee drink that contains revolutionary health benefits. 

To learn more about FUSED, visit: and click on each section (Story, Seeds, Process, Farms and Fusions). Here is a summary of the factors that make FUSED the healthiest coffee in the world.

Organic Coffee Beans: FUSED is made from 100% organically grown coffee beans grown on artisian coffee farms in India and Brazil. Most commercial coffee beans have been exposed to pesticides and herbicides and also frequently contain traces of highly toxic fungal poisons (mycotoxins) such as aflatoxin. In one study, researchers purchased 103 varieties of coffee from local supermarkets and found traces of mycotoxins in 99 out of 103 samples. Being made from only organically grown coffee beans makes FUSED healthier than 99% of the coffee that people drink.

Infused With Healthy Anti-Inflammatory Seed Oils:  Rain International has become famous for creating products from organically grown nutritionally dense seeds. Now Rain has developed a revolutionary new cold-press process that enables them to extract the oils from the following organically grown seeds: black cumin, grapes, pomegranate and grapefruit seeds. Rain then infuses these oils into its organically grown coffee beans. Each seed provides its its own unique blend of nutrients and health benefits, which results in the most nutritious coffee drink in the world. To learn about the health benefits of these seeds, simply Google the name of the seed and "health benefits".

Adrenal Support, No Jitteriness, Improved Energy: Rain adds a reishi mushroom extract called ganoderma, which is an immune system-enhancing agent and also supports adrenal function. Many people can’t drink regular coffee because the caffeine causes uncomfortable jitteriness. When people drink FUSED they don't get caffeine highs and lows. Instead they just get a smooth steady energy boost. Hence, people who drink decaf because they are caffeine sensitive find they can enjoy FUSED, due to the adrenal support provided by the ganoderma from reishi mushrooms. 

Non-Acidic: The combination of infused healthy seed oils and Rain’s patented process which utilized the whole organic coffee beans makes FUSED coffee non-acidic and non-bitter. Many people who regularly use cream and sugar to mask regular coffee’s acid and/or bitter taste find they enjoy drinking FUSED coffee black.

Instantly Dissolvable: FUSED dissolves instantly in hot water but IT IS NOT Instant Coffee. After infusing the seed oils into its coffee beans, Rain utilizes a process that grinds the beans down into tiny fragments called, micronized particle size, which enables FUSED to instantly dissolve in hot water.  On the other hand, commercial instant coffee is made from the dregs of the coffee roasting process. Rather than throwing away this debris from the coffee, it is brewed again and then spray dried into crystals that will instantly dissolve, but is essentially devoid of flavor and aroma. 

Nutrition-rich: With Rain’s micronization process, there are are no coffee grinds to throw away. You drink coffee made with the whole coffee bean. Therefore, you get far more nutrients compared to drinking pressed coffee where the grounds are thrown away. Remember, the seed husks and hulls are a tremendous treasure trove of nutrients including minerals. All that nutrition is thrown away when you drink espresso or regular ground coffee. In addition to the infused seed oils, Rain’s micronized coffee processing enables you to get all of the nutrition contained in the organically grown coffee beans.

How Supplied: FUSED is packaged in small individual sachet/packets. Just tear open a sachet, empty the micronized coffee crystals into your favorite coffee mug and add 6 to 8 ounces of hot water. Presto, in an instant you’re drinking the healthiest coffee in the world. 30 sachets/box. The wholesale price is $22/box which equals about 70 cents per cup. 

SAMPLES: If you would like to try samples of the healthiest best tasting coffee in the world, I will send samples for my cost (70 cents each) + $2 postage. Just tell me how many samples you want and mail me (cash or check) to: Ross Pelton, 259 Idaho Street, Ashland, OR 97520.  

To Order FUSED: Call Rain International (855-724-6606). I will be your upline sponsor. Give them my name  Ross Pelton and my ID#: 182523. To get the best price ($22/box + shipping) agree to sign up for the monthly auto-ship program (which can be canceled at any time with no penalty).  

How To MAKE MONEY: Next to water, coffee is the most commonly consumed product on the planet. It is a multi-billion dollar industry with billions of cups sold and drunk every day. 

Rain International is a multi-level marketing company (MLM), which means you make a commission on product sales. When you sign up as a distributor with Rain, you will receive your own personal ID number. When you purchase a box of FUSED for $22, I will receive a $5 commission. When you recommend FUSED to your friends, you will receive a $5 commission for every box sold.

Recommend FUSED to everyone you know. You deserve to drink the healthiest and smoothest, best tasting coffee in the world. When you choose the coffee you drink, remember this:

a)  Commercial coffee is sprayed with pesticides and herbicides (like Roundup/glyphosate), which is highly toxic to animals, humans and the environment.

b) Commercial coffee beans are also a common source of mycotoxins which are extremely toxic chemicals in mold. One study reported that over 90% of green coffee beans tested were contaminated with mold.

c) Another study reported that 52% of coffee beans tested contained mold and nearly 50% of brewed coffees contain traces of mold toxins.

Rain International has pioneered utilizing organically grown seeds to make incredibly unique health-promoting products. Rain's first product was SOUL, which is an amazingly effective all-natural seed-based anti-inflammatory product. Read the article I wrote and posted on my blog titled: Got Pain? SOUL is a Safe, Effective Natural Anti-Inflammatory Product.  If you have any pain or inflammation, I encourage you to try SOUL. Recommend it to others and you make $20 commission per box. 

CORE is Rain's powerfully concentrated green drink. Click this link for detailed information about CORS's ingredients and health benefits.

FORM is Rain's protein powder, made with pea protein and Rain's nutrition-dense organic seeds. In addition to its healthy pea protein, FORM contains heart-healthy fats, excellant plant fibers and, important minerals and anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

For more information about the health benefits of any of Rain International's products, feel free to email me at:

In health,  Ross





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