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Finally, A Safe Form Of Contraception For Women

I have been a long-time supporter of women’s health issues. One of my concerns is the side effects caused by birth control pills. Consequently, I authored The Pill Problem.  which teaches women how to prevent the side effects from birth control pills,

A safe form of contraception for women would be of tremendous worldwide health benefit to women (and their spouses if women are avoiding the side effects of BC pills & IUDs). I am happy to report that a safe form of contraception for women has been developed. It is named Smart Women’s Choice.

SMART WOMEN’S  CHOICE is a vaginal gel that is made with safe, natural ingredients. It works by causing the entire ejaculate to coagulate. Thus, the sperm are prevented from traveling up the Fallopian tubes where fertilization takes place. The coagulate exits the vagina at the end of the intercourse and a rinse with tap water is recommended for the sake of hygiene. 

INSTRUCTIONS:  Simply squeeze approximately one inch of the product from the tube onto your middle finger and insert into the vagina immediately before each episode of sexual intercourse. Afterwards, just rinse with tap water.

There is no itching, burning or discomfort of any kind.  One tube, which is sufficient for approximately 50 applications, costs $19.50 + $5 for shipping.

For more information, go to:

Also, click on the heading: Why Smart Women’s Choice to view the results of a study conducted by Martin Bastuba, MD of LaJolla, CA. This study documents that all concentrations of SWC tested resulted in 100% clumping or immobilization of sperm.

SMART WOMEN’S  CHOICE can be ordered directly from the WEB site:

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